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U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ about Tanzania’s anti-LGBTQ crackdown

The U.S. Department of State has issued a statement condemning the East African country's moves to cut back on human rights and civil liberties.

Are anti-gay witch hunts really protecting 'African values'?

Homophobia, not homosexuality, is a western import to Africa.

President Magufuli’s government has been criticized by opposition politicians and international rights groups.

US Statement on Deterioration of Human Rights in Tanzania.

Tanzania has been persecuting its gay community even as it receives $125 million a year in aid from Canada. As the anti-gay campaign ramps up, Canadian officials are struggling with how to confront it.

KIBII: Tanzania’s abuse of human rights worrying

Hundreds Flee Into Hiding As Tanzania Intensifies Anti-Gay Crackdown - Detorioration of Human Rights | The African Exponent

Hundreds of LGBT activists in Tanzania have gone into hiding after a senior official announced a taskforce aiming to identify and punish gay people in Dar es Salaam.

US voices 'deep concern' over Tanzania rights deterioration US voices 'deep concern' over Tanzania rights deterioration

The United States on Friday urged Tanzania to safeguard the rights of journalists and civil society, voicing concern over a growing crackdown on media, activ...

Tanzania has faced criticism over deteriorating human rights with latest being over detention of 2 staff members of an international press watchdog.

Vincent Moloi fuming over Tanzanian anti-gay crack down

Vincent is standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Tanzania and he's not about to debate it.

Exclusive: the victims of Tanzania's LGBT man-hunt who are too scared to return home

"I'm supposed to be at home, happy with my family and my dog but I can't go back.

Nakhane on Tanzania’s anti-gay laws: It makes me want to vomit

"Most of the time I am filled with so much rage at how hateful this world can be that I don’t even have the words to express it."